Our Story

Mountains of Grace

Mountains of Grace was created by my husband and I to bring awareness of mental health and Jesus’s never ending grace. This all started with my own struggles of depression and anxiety and the journey I had to go through to get through it all. Finally opening up with my own struggles lead me to hear and see how many other people I knew were battling with their own mental health but many were ashamed to bring up this topic. Wanting to open the mental health conversation more I started a blog to share my story for others to see they are not alone. This then lead us to open an apparel shop that reminds others: you are not alone, you matter, you are loved and there is light in the darkness. Many people are still afraid to talk about mental health, but together we can take away the shame and end the mental health stigma.

Nikki Gordon

Owner, designer

I created Mountains of Grace due to my own struggles that I’ve had in my life with Mental Health. Growing up as a Christian, when I began having difficulty with my mental health it became something that I felt that I had to hide. There was a stigma surrounding it, particularly in the Church. I believe we are loved no matter what, and I am here due to the hope I have in Jesus. There are so many people struggling and this conversation needs to be opened up. I want Mountains of Grace to end the stigma while promoting Jesus to all of our customers. 


Blake Gordon


As Nikki’s husband, I’ve walked through all of her mental health struggles with her and am so excited to co-own this shop with her. I currently work as a Software Engineer and help my wife with the technical aspects of Mountains of Grace. It is always important for people struggling with mental health to find someone that they are able to talk to, and I was glad to be able to be one of the people that Nikki was able to talk through and work on her mental health with. 

Ending Mental Health Stigma

Mental Health matters is just as important as physical health and is especially prevalent in today’s society. While there has been significant progress over the past several years in ending the Mental Health stigma, there’s still a ton of progress yet to go. Mountains of Grace is all about ending the stigma surrounding Mental Health because many of us have battles in our mind. 

Promoting Jesus Christ

We are a Christian based company, that grew from the fact we noticed the Christian community in particular that people still feel ashamed or embarrassed to discuss about Mental Health. We want to lessen the stigma around Mental Health among Christians and in society while still promoting and sharing the message of the love  and grace Jesus Christ has to offer every person.